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3 min readJul 26, 2022


2022 has been an exciting year so far!

It’s been a year in which the global regulation of digital assets has officially begun. Last six months have revealed that as the blockchain industry grows, the need for regulated and compliant service providers with the appropriate licenses and compliance solutions has become even more relevant to build trust in the industry and to lay down the road for mass market adoption. And FV Bank is READY to lead the way!

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

APIs enabling Embedded Finance

We have taken the first leap toward advanced Bank Automation by launching open banking APIs that will allow businesses and corporate clients to integrate compliant and regulated banking solutions within their fintech and blockchain applications.

With its introduction, many businesses are already integrating our APIs within their infrastructure. These APIs enable FV Bank clients to automate deposits and payments. Clients can receive a webhook for each deposit in their bank account, have automatic reconciliation for incoming and outgoing payments, add beneficiaries for making payments efficiently, receive real-time payment notifications, and so much more.

Learn more about FV Bank’s API services here.

Compliant automation of our KYC process with DIRO

We started the year strong, making a strategic investment in DIRO, the first global instant bank account verification platform. With this collaboration, we will integrate DIRO’s secure bank account verification solutions into our account opening protocols, making the onboarding process for our international clients — faster, more straightforward and more secure.

Global FinTech and Blockchain Events

We’ve been hitting the road, packing our swag bags, and representing FV Bank at several fintech/blockchain events & conferences. Here are just a few:

Events Participated

Upcoming Events

  • Sept 12–14, 2022 : SALT New York’22
  • Oct 23–26, 2022 : Money 2020, Las Vegas

Key Highlights

Miles, Nitin and our team have been meeting fintech and blockchain leaders from every corner of the globe, talking about embedded finance, banking in the new world of fintech, challenger banks and crypto.

Meet The Team

The FV Bank team has been expanding with the best-in-class executives and professionals! You can learn all about them here: https://www.fvbank.us/about-fvbank.

Good Reads

As we grow, we haven been gaining some attention! Check out some of the articles that were written by our leadership or mentioned/covered FV Bank:

Check out our media page for more press coverage here.

What’s Next?

We’re thrilled about what we’re working on for Q3 and Q4 2022! Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Launching Digital Asset Custody and related services
  • FV Bank Series B funding
  • VISA payment cards

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