Bitcoin 2023 Miami Wrap-Up

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3 min readJun 8, 2023

The Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami proved to be an exceptional experience for the FV Bank team. The event served as a convergence point for industry leaders, activists, and enthusiasts, fostering networking opportunities and providing a platform to delve into the world of Bitcoin. This blog post shares the key highlights and announcements made by FV Bank during the conference.

CEO Miles Paschini on the Main Stage at Bitcoin 2023

Unveiling FV Bank VISA Cards:

The first day of the conference witnessed a significant moment for FV Bank as our CEO, Miles Paschini, took the main stage to unveil the eagerly anticipated FV Bank VISA cards. The announcement excited both business and individual account holders, as the cards are set to be launched in early July. This move will enhance the accessibility and convenience of FV Bank’s services, empowering users to seamlessly transact anywhere, anytime in the world.

Institutionalization of FVNet:

Miles Paschini also revealed FV Bank’s plans to take its proprietary payment infrastructure, FVNet, institutional by transforming FVNet into a real-time trade settlement platform for institutional account holders. This development marks a significant step forward in expanding enterprise services and enhancing the positive impact of FV Bank’s services for fintech and blockchain companies.

Introduction of Interest-Bearing Custody Accounts:

In addition to the FV Bank VISA card and FVNet announcements, Miles Paschini tantalized attendees with another upcoming product — Interest-Bearing Money Market custody accounts. This new offering will allow FV Bank’s custodial account holders to invest in money market accounts, further diversifying their investment options. Introducing interest-bearing Money Market custody accounts demonstrates FV Bank’s commitment to providing comprehensive financial solutions to its clientele.

Thank you for visiting FV Bank at Bitcoin 2023

FV Bank’s booth generated significant interest from conference attendees. The team had the privilege of connecting with founders of various projects and protocols built on Bitcoin and digital assets, engaging in insightful discussions with conference speakers, and networking with a wide array of industry leaders. The booth provided a valuable platform for FV Bank to showcase its products to both existing and potential customers, fostering stronger relationships and demonstrating the value it brings to the market.

We also extend a special thanks to our media and PR relations director, Michele, who played a crucial role in facilitating key media interviews and conversations. Her efforts contributed significantly to the success of FV Bank’s presence at the Bitcoin 2023 conference.

The Bitcoin 2023 Miami conference proved to be an incredible opportunity for FV Bank to make important announcements and engage with the Bitcoin community. The unveiling of FV Bank VISA cards, the institutionalization of FVNet, and the introduction of interest-bearing Money Market custody accounts represent FV Bank’s dedication to innovation and providing comprehensive financial solutions to its customers. The event served as a catalyst for fostering connections, building partnerships, and amplifying FV Bank’s presence in the marketplace.

Thanks to all who visited us at bitcoin2023. See you at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas!

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